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    13/05/2018· Exquisite iron ore from which iron with high levels of purity can be gathered.

  • vindictus how to get exquisite iron ore

    Vindictus * Farming Fine, Superior, Exquisite 18-8-2015· Es un lugar corto y buen drop de Fine Iron Ore (100%), Superior Iron Ore y Exquisite Iron Ore (depende su suerte). Tambien buen farm de Luminary Tree (x2) para su Exp. de Gathering Talent.

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    17/05/2018· Superior iron ore from which a considerable amount of iron can be gathered. Obtained in dungeons. Can use all forms of trade. How to Obtain [edit edit source] Dropped by. Barnacle Bill Simmons (Lv. 50 69 Mode) Blackwing (Lv. 50 69 Mode) Carpenter Drone (Lv. 50 69 Mode) Carpenter Worker (Lv. 50 69 Mode) Dark Executioner (Lv. 50 69 Mode) Dark Guardian Archer (Lv. 50 69

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    Как получить Может быть добыта в Ortel Castle., Может быть добыта в Ship Graveyard, Twilight Desert, Misty Summit и Moonlight Peak ур. 50-69 и ур. 70-80. (Гораздо реже в 50-69.), Может быть получен из Misty Summit и Moonlight Peak боссов ур. 70-80. Стоимость: 200 Superior Iron Ore x

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    Ortel Castle is not worth it at all, soloing that place at that level is going to take ~30 min, and in my experience the chance of obtaining exquisite is so low that you only get ~1 ore per run, with the rest being copper or gold, no other kind of iron ore. If you have to do it in Rocheste, farming superior iron by entering and then quitting Fruitful is a lot faster. But as others have

  • Top responsesstill can do the entrance at TD. run up to the first luminary.. level your gathering with that. then climb the ladder and bomb the vein. Should still get plenty of read more3 votesdo 70+ ship graveyard and run to the first ore on the left of room A, end mission, reattempt2 votesthe ortel castle has the highest probability of giving exquisite iron ores. Your best bet is to repeatedly run those1 votejust do 50-69 Misty Summit/Moonlight Peak. Chances for exquisite are lower than 70-80, but still better than almost anything else--faster than TD, though the read more1 vote查看全部
  • Vindictus * Farming Exquisite Iron Ore en Moonlight Peak

    17/08/2015· Es un lugar corto y buen drop de Fine Iron Ore (100%), Superior Iron Ore (45%) y Exquisite Iron Ore (15%)

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