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    26/11/2017· Copper recovery gives extra earnings in e-waste recycling. Our many friends have requested about this article. When we recycle ic chips then all copper disso

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    COPPER RECOVERY PLANT FROM ELECTRONIC SCRAPS Production • Product : copper 92÷94% purity in granules. • By product : epoxy resin with fibre. Raw material Scraps from copper laminated sheet for the electronic industries boards. Process description The process has been developed in order to recovery the copper contained in the above raw material by a completely dry process, using

  • Copper and Antimony Recovery from Electronic Waste

    A strategy for the efficient recovery of highly pure copper and antimony metals from electronic waste (e-waste) was implemented by the combination of hydrometallurgical and electrochemical processes.

  • Author: Jose Angel Barragan, Carlos Ponce de León, Juan Roberto Alemán Castro, Aarón Peregrina-Lucano, Felip
  • Metallurgical recovery of metals from electronic waste: A

    30/10/2008· Recycling of electronic waste involves disassembly and/or destruction of the EOL equipment in order to recover materials. Incineration of electronic waste by traditional incinerator for municipal solid waste is also dangerous. For example, copper is a catalyst for dioxin formation when flame-retardants are incinerated.

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  • Copper Recovery From Nitric Solution E-waste Recycling

    So please use any extra and scrap metal piece for copper recovery. When you see that copper is not coming on your metal piece then remove this and sponge solution. All copper mud will settle down. Just wash copper mud with tap water and you can melt it after dry.

  • Ways to Recover Metals from Electronic Waste

    It is an advanced process used for recovery of metals from electronic waste with help of Fungi and Bacteria. Organisms like Bacillus Sp, Yarrowia lipolytica and Sacchormyces Cerelisiae can separate metals like tin, copper and lead from printed circuit boards when shredded to smaller sizes.

  • Gold Recovery via Copper Electrolysis Part 1 YouTube

    09/06/2019· In part 1 I explain the way Gold can be recovered from a mixture of Gold and Copper (Gold plated pins for example) via electrolytic refining of Copper. This

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  • Electronic Scrap an overview ScienceDirect Topics

    Electrodeposition finds applications in recovering metals from copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) solar cells. After leaching and solvent extraction, indium is recovered by electrodeposition (Tunsu and Retegan, 2016). Another method of metal recovery from CIGS is the separation of selenium followed by dissolution with mineral acids.


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  • Ways to Recover Metals from Electronic Waste

    Pyrometallurgical Recovery. This process is carried out by addition of copper ore concentrate with shredded electronic waste which is later refined by using heat. It can be used for successful separation of metals from electronic waste. One such example is the Noranda process used at a Copper Smelter in Canada where they treated electronic

  • Recovery of valuable metals from electronic and

    The leached liquor has been successfully treated with an electrowinning process, to recover copper and nickel. The copper and nickel depositions, were performed in acid and alkaline conditions, respectively. The Faraday yield was of about 95%. The energy consumption was 2.13 and 4.43 kWh per kg of copper and nickel recovered, respectively. At the end of the process, about 94-99% of the initial

  • Copper and Antimony Recovery from Electronic Waste

    Copper and Antimony Recovery from Electronic Waste by Hydrometallurgical and Electrochemical Techniques Jose Angel Barragan, Carlos Ponce de León, Juan Roberto Alema n Castro, Aaró ́n Peregrina-Lucano,

  • Metal Recovery from Electronic Waste: Biological

    Metal recovery from WEEE is conventionally carried out by pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical methods. In this PhD research, novel metal recovery technologies from WEEE are investigated. Using acidophilic and cyanide-generating bacteria, copper and gold were removed from crushed electronic waste with removal efficiencies of 98.4 and 44.0%, respectively.

  • Bioleaching of metals from electronic scrap in a stirred

    Independent measurement of epoxy induced copper loss was used to reconcile the true copper recovery from citric acid at pH from 1.8-3.0, temperatures from 30-90°C, pulp densities of 5

  • How to Recover Copper & Precious Metals in

    Table of ContentsExperimental ProceduresMultiple-Pin Plugs and ConnectorsObsolete Aircraft Radio AssembliesMagnetic Electronic ScrapConclusions As a part of a research program designed to help minimize national requirements for new mineral commodities by maximizing recovery of metals from domestic secondary resources, the Bureau of Mines investigated the development of economic

  • Electrochemistry during efficient copper recovery from

    Electrochemistry during efficient copper recovery from complex electronic waste using ammonia based solutions. References. 1. Omar H, Rohani S. Treatment of landfill waste, leachate and landfill gas: A review. Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering, 2015, 9(1): 15–32 CrossRef Google Scholar. 2. Bigum M, Brogaard L, Christensen T H. Metal recovery from highgra de WEEE: A life cycle

  • Bioleaching of copper from waste printed circuit boards

    22/02/2018· However, the copper recovery of bacteria-free cultural supernatant and ferric sulfate solution was similar and much higher than that of pure water and pure medium which confirmed that the copper in PCBs was dissolved by the oxidation of Fe 3+. The result indicated that the indirect non-contact mechanism was the predominant mechanism in bioleaching of copper from PCBs. It was also

  • Recovery of Gold, Silver, Palladium, and Copper from Waste

    Recovery of Gold, Silver, Palladium, and Copper from Waste Printed Circuit Boards E Place Amount of waste in million tons (type) Year of Survey Surveying Organization Globally 20-50 (e-waste) 2006 UN [3] USA 2.37 (electronic) 2009 EPA [4] Europe 8.3-9.1 (e-waste) 2005 WEEE [5]

  • Calculating Copper Recovery Rate For Scrap Cables

    So when you are faced with that situation it is easy to figure out the recovery rate of copper from the cable you have with some simple math and a few minutes. Below the iScrap App Team provides you with the necessary tools and steps to calculating the copper recovery rate for your cables and wires. Tools & Materials Needed: Copper Cable or Wire Sample (2-3 inch in length) Cable or Wire Cutter